NJDX Highlights

Object-relational mapping is one of the most complex issues to address in modern application architectures. NJDX (protected by US Patent 6,163,776) provides a simple, practical and robust solution to this important problem. NJDX create a frictionless environment for programmers, enabling them to concentrate on business logic and not waste time on low-level infrastructure coding. Adhering to some well thought-out KISS (Keep It Simple and Straightforward) principles, NJDX boosts developer productivity and reduces maintenance hassles by eliminating endless lines of tedious ADO.NET/OleDB/SQL code.

You don’t need to get bogged down with overly complex methodologies and over-arching frameworks for data integration. NJDX gives you the control you need to be an effective developer, helping you create more flexible and higher quality applications faster.

NJDX supports complex object modeling, provides integration with popular databases and legacy data, and employs a highly optimized mapping engine. NJDX has been tightly integrated with Visual Studio .NET and can be used with any CLR-based language including C#, VB.NET, and J#.

NJDX Introduction (from NJDX User Manual)

NJDX Highlights:

Simple, Non-intrusive, and Flexible Design
  • Simple concepts; easy development steps; quick learning curve
  • No need to inherit from a base class or implement any special interfaces
  • No static generation and maintenance of large amounts of messy code; dynamic mapping engine
  • Easy evolution of object and relational models
  • Flexible usage in any tier of an application – be it standalone, JSP/Servlet based or EJB based
Smart and Elegant Mapping Specification
  • Declarative mapping specifications based on a simple grammar
  • Human-readable and easily comprehensible; no need to struggle with complex XML files
  • Compact; most default mapping is automatically deduced; avoids verbosity
  • Normalized and modular specification; no repetition of the same information
  • Most mapping primitives are orthogonal to each other, avoiding unnecessary tight coupling and enabling easy evolution
  • Allows cross-referencing of classes and collections no matter in which order their mappings have been defined
  • I ntuitive and flexible ways of mapping complex object structures
  • Mappings for collections and relationships are defined at the object level, not at the relational level; makes it easier to understand and modify such mappings
  • A mapping specification can optionally be stored in and accessed from the database
Support for Complex Object Modeling including Class Hierarchies
  • Associative and aggregated relationships
  • Persistence-by-reachability
  • 1-to-1, 1-to-many, and many-to-many relationships
  • Multiple options to store class-hierarchy objects
  • Polymorphic queries
Small Set of Simple and Flexible APIs
  • Flexible query options – deep, shallow, and anything in-between. Supports loading of partial objects, sophisticated query predicates (including path-expressions), named queries, and powerful object-streaming functionality.
  • Aggregated operations
  • Flexible APIs for Stored Procedures and
  • Dynamic data routing
Lightweight and Optimized Mapping Engine
  • Connection pooling
  • Prepared statements
  • Optimized SQL statements
  • Minimal database trips
  • Caching of metadata
Object Caching
  • Connection pooling
  • Prepared statements
  • Optimized SQL statements
  • Minimal database trips
  • Caching of metadata
High-performance and Scalable Implementation
  • Short code paths
  • Optimistic concurrency control
Seamless Integration with Visual Studio for .NET (NJDXStudio) Presentations>>
  • Excellent packaging of all the needed functionality to simplify mapping configuration (defining and verifying OR-Mapping, creating and reverse-engineering database schema)
  • Well-organized, color-coded panels for quick navigation
  • Extensive online help available at every step of the way
  • Easy to leverage legacy data for OR-Mapping
  • Verify OR-Mapping against a live database
  • OneClickRevelation™ provides instant and interactive insight into your data without a single line of programming
Powerful and Intuitive GUI Tool (NJDXDemo)
  • Helps in easily verifying OR-Mapping
  • Allows interactive development using live data.
Nifty Components and Facilities to Simplify Development
  • Utility components for pooling NJDX handles
  • Persistently unique sequence generators
  • Object-viewing facilities
  • Interactive development of queries using live data
  • Support for instance callback methods
Wrorks with Most Popular Databases, Existing Schema, and Application Servers
  • Supports SQl Server, Oracle, DB2, MS Access, MySQL, Postgres, Interbase, and OleDB data sources
  • Easily reverse-engineer an object model from any existing relational schema
  • Mapping-in-the-middle for existing object models and schema including stored procedures
  • Supports trusted connections
  • APIs for SQL bypass
  • Works with ASP.Net, and Standalone programs
Easy-to-learn and Easy-to-use
  • Clean design – not an over-engineered framework with complex semantics
  • Small Set of Simple and Flexible APIs
  • No learning of a new query language required
  • Powerful and intuitive GUI tools
  • Extensive documentation (Comprehensive user manual, Javadocs, tutorials, and online help)
  • Many working examples with easy-to-configure ANT scripts
  • Meaningful error and debug messages to diagnose any problem
  • Optional logging of all SQL statements
  • Simple and easy development steps
  • Quick programming tutorial
  • Helpful discussion forum
Robust and Market-Proven Technology
  • Based on a proven enterprise-class technology (JDX) being used in real-world applications
  • JDX has been progressively enhanced based on feedback from thousands of users over last 8 yea
Affordable Pricing and Quick ROI
  • Nominal developer seat pricing without runtime royalties
  • More modular and better performing applications
  • Increased programmer productivity
  • Reduced risks and faster time-to-market