License JDX

JDX 4.7 License Pricing :

Product Price/Seat 12-Month Support
JDX 4.7
$ 2,995
$ 1,000
Upgrade to JDX 4.7
(from JDX version 3.X)
$ 995
$ 1,000
Subsequent Annual Suppport
$ 1,000
  • Pricing Notes :
    1. All prices are in US Dollars.
    2. All pricing is per developer seat. A license must be purchased for every individual developer (or tester) who works with JDX functionality directly or indirectly. In other words, any developer (including QA) who needs to keep the jdx jar files in the CLASSPATH should have a JDX license. For each develolper, Software Tree generates and sends a license key which should be installed as per the instructions in the JDX User Manual.
    3. Ongoing "Customer Support Agreements" are available. Please check this link for details.
    4. Price is subjected to change without notice.
There is no royalty for distributing JDX Runtime (jxclasses.jar) with your application if the object-model, schema, and mapping definition of your JDX powered application does not change at customer site. See details contained in your "License Agreement".

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