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Software Tree Releases New Mission Critical J-Database Exchange™ (JDX™) Product at JavaOneSM Conference

San Jose, CA -- March 24, 1998 --A new mission critical Java™-enabled software product for Internet / Intranet applications arrived today. Software Tree, Inc. has released JDX 1.0, a platform independent software product for exchanging business objects between Java programs and SQL relational databases. An elaborate customer application using JDX will be demonstrated in San Francisco at JavaOne Booth #445.

The JDX 1.0 Product:
The J-Database Exchange (JDX) product is a high-performance and cost-effective solution for integrating Java objects with relational data. JDX bridges the gap between the Java object model and the SQL relational model by providing a very natural object-oriented interface to store and retrieve Java objects. JDX exploits the standard JDBC™ interface to link to various relational backend systems, including Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) SQL Server, Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) , IBM (NYSE: IBM) DB2, Sybase (Nasdaq: SYBS), Borland (Nasdaq: BORL) Interbase, Cloudscape JBMS and Microsoft Access.

JDX provides a very efficient and scaleable solution to a common need for application programmers: persistence of business objects. JDX provides support for complex object-modeling and for object integration with legacy data. All-Java implementation of JDX makes it portable on every Java-enabled platform.

Founder & CEO, Damodar Periwal states, "You don't have to throw away the advantages of relational technology and your legacy data in order to get the object-oriented benefits of the Java language and platform. JDX will put the mature relational infrastructure to excellent use for your object-oriented applications."

Periwal has filed for a Patent covering the innovative software technologies used in JDX. He was an inventor under original U.S. Patent 5.644.768 for work done at Borland International on Systems and Methods for Sharing Resources in a Multi-User Environment.

JDX Use :
Internet/Intranet enterprise applications require distributed, object-oriented technologies based upon open industry standards. JDX provides the enabling infrastructure software that links relational database sources to object-oriented Java applications. JDX increases programmer productivity significantly because it saves development efforts for new Java applications by automating the tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task of object-relational mapping logic.

Comments from Industry Leaders and Users :
IBM : "We are pleased to see the availability of JDX to boost the productivity of Java programmers needing object-oriented access to DB2 data," said Jeff Mason, general manager of Solution Developer Marketing, IBM.

Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) :
"We are pleased to see today's announcement from Software Tree," said Dr. Lew Tucker, director of strategic relations at Sun Microsystems' JavaSoft division. "Software Tree's JDX product is simplifying the integration of Java applications with relational data."

Sybase :
Sybase is a business partner and indicatess: "JDX provides a powerful infrastructure for Java developers to achieve persistence of Java business objects using relational databases", said Rob Veitch, Director and General Manager of Powersoft Languages, Sybase. "We're delighted that Software Tree has decided to support Sybase's end-to-end Java strategy for developing and deploying enterprise-ready Java applications. In combination with Sybase's PowerJ, jConnect, Jaguar CTS and Adaptive Server products, Software Tree's JDX provides an elegant object-centric view of relational data."

Dr. Forslund :
Dr. Dave Forslund, Deputy Director, Advanced Computer Lab, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico is happy with the Beta version of JDX: "I am more impressed with the power and depth of your JDX software every day!"

Pricing and Availability :
JDX version 1.0 is available now. Pricing and ordering information are posted on the company's web site at . JDX is also available for free evaluation download from the company's web site. Customer inquiries and downloads have totaled more than 10,000.

About Software Tree :
Located in San Jose, California, Software Tree has been nurtured by Silicon Valley's largest business incubator. The Enterprise Network / NASA Ames Technology Commercialization Center provides facilities and professional help for Software Tree, Inc. For more information about the company and products, visit its web site at or call 408-557-6769.

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