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Important Patent Granted

Software Tree awarded patent for its innovation in object-relational mapping technology

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 6, 2001 -- In what is truly a technological breakthrough, Software Tree, Inc., a leading provider of data access infrastructure software, has been awarded a patent (U.S. Patent No. 6163776) for inventing "System and method for exchanging data and commands between an object oriented system and relational system". This process dramatically simplifies integration of object-oriented applications with relational databases. Software Tree's JavaTM technology product, JDXTM, which incorporates the patented technology, enables rapid development of Internet, eBusiness and mobile applications by eliminating the need for tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task of low-level infrastructure programming using SQL.

"We anticipated the growing use of object-oriented methodologies for application development, continued reliance on relational databases for data storage, and the impedance mismatch problem of accessing relational data from object-oriented applications," said Damodar Periwal, the inventor of the technology and founder of Software Tree. "Our innovative technology bridges the gap between object-oriented applications and relational databases in an intuitive, non-intrusive and extensible way. Instead of writing and wrestling with hundreds of lines of complex code for achieving the object-relational mapping functionality, application developers can enjoy the productivity gains by writing just a few lines of simple code using our technology."

"Defining object-relational mapping with a declarative specification based on a simple grammar is a great idea. This innovation along with intuitive and powerful APIs makes JDX very easy to use for our web-based provisioning system," commented Gary Zu, a lead Java developer at Concert, a global venture of AT&T and British Telecom. "JDX has a very short learning curve; developers are taking advantage of object modeling; it's easy to manage changes in both object level and database level; productivity is good," Gary continued.

Intuitive and optimized access to data conforming to popular programming paradigms is essential to quickly create flexible and sophisticated applications/frameworks addressing new opportunities. Software Tree is proud to advance the state-of-art in this area with its innovative object-relational mapping technology that embodies simplicity, elegance, openness, extensibility and high-performance. The JDX product works with all major RDBMS including Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Access, Sybase, Borland Interbase, Informix Cloudscape, and PointBase.

About Software Tree
Software Tree is a technology leader in providing superior software infrastructure which shifts application/database integration paradigm. Software Tree's customers include leading organizations such as Los Alamos National Lab, Xerox, CNT, UAB Medical Center and Electronic Arts. With its new patent and JDX technology platform, Software Tree is seeking to spread the benefits of its revolutionary software to application and framework developers throughout the world. To learn more, please visit Software Tree's web site at

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