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Date: February 1, 2007

Contact: Damodar Periwal - 408-282-3606 -

Software Tree Announces JFlixTM

Movie Rental Application demonstrates the power of combining

JDX OR-Mapper, Struts web-framework, and MySQL database

Santa Clara, Calif. February 1, 2007: Software Tree has announced JFlixTM, a web-based movie rental application powered by JDX Object-Relational Mapper (OR-Mapper), which simplifies data integration. JFlix facilitates the typical activities of a staff member working at a movie rental store counter. Using this application, a staff member can easily check-in, checkout, and check the availability of requested movies.

JFlix uses the popular Struts framework following the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern. It utilizes Sakila, the MySQL sample database, for storing all the movie and rental data. This application demonstrates how JDX OR-Mapper reduces the amount and complexity of the data access code in the business logic layer by seamlessly bridging the gap between an object model and a relational model.

Adhering to some well thought-out KISS (Keep It Simple and Straightforward) principles, JDX facilitates an easy and efficient way to exchange data between the plain old Java object (POJO) model and SQL relational model provided by popular databases like MySQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server. JDX is fast, flexible, and feature-rich. The simple mapping specification of this lightweight and practical solution avoids the merciless XML torture treatment administered by other OR-Mapping products.

“Utilizing JDX’s intuitive, flexible, and powerful programming interfaces makes the business logic code simple, concise, and easy to understand,” comments Smita Joshi, the lead developer of the JFlix application. “The same logic, if implemented using the standard JDBC interface, would be much more complicated, error-prone, and difficult to maintain. I really enjoyed developing JFlix because JDX eliminated the harsh complexity of writing low-level data access code out of the development process.”

“It is gratifying to know that JDX simplified and accelerated the development of a sophisticated web application like JFlix,” says Damodar Periwal, President & CEO of Software Tree. “We welcome Java developers all over the world to boost their productivity by using JDX, the KISS OR-MapperTM for Java.”

Licensing and Availability
The JFlix Movie Rental application along with detailed documentation is shipping with JDX OR-Mapping software. There is no licensing fee to use this application for non-commercial purposes. Contact Software Tree for commercial usage of JFlix or any derivative applications. A 21-day evaluation version of JDX is available for free from Software Tree’s web site at

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