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Date: September 15, 2004

Contact: Damodar Periwal - 408-282-3606 -

Software Tree Revs Up JDX OR-Mapper With Innovative And High-Performance Features

JDX 4.5 Offers OneClickRevelationTM and Object Caching

Free Licenses Available For Limited Time

San Jose, Calif. September 15, 2004: Software Tree today announced JDX 4.5, the versatile and patented Object-Relational Mapping (OR-Mapping) software that significantly accelerates the development of Java/J2EE applications by eliminating tedious, low-level SQL coding for persistence. The novel feature of OneClickRevelation™ provides instant and interactive insight into existing data. Object caching provides super-fast access to business objects from high-performance memory cache, thereby avoiding costly database trips. A third-party clustered cache like Tangosol Coherence can optionally back the object cache.

The new OneClickRevelation feature of JDXStudio™ tool unlocks and presents relational data in an intuitive graphical format with just one click of a button. This innovative method enables application developers to quickly and easily view and analyze their data, offering them fresh insights and approaches to harness the power of the data without requiring a single line of programming.

Object caching improves query performance significantly. By finding objects in the local memory cache, this feature avoids time-consuming trips to the database, resulting in fast response time as well as better throughput. Support for third-party clustered cache (e.g., Coherence from Tangosol) further improves the effectiveness of the JDX cache in a clustered environment.

"As a lightweight, flexible, and scalable OR-Mapping technology, JDX offers an extremely easy-to-use solution to the complex problem of integrating Java/J2EE applications with relational databases," said Cameron Purdy, President of Tangosol. "I am very excited that JDX now works with our Coherence product to further enhance the scalability and reliability benefits of a high-performance clustered cache."

“OneClickRevelation and Object caching reinforce our mission to help Java developers who are seeking easier and faster ways to access their data,“ comments Damodar Periwal, President and CEO of Software Tree. “This confirms and strengthens our relentless pursuit to drive the complexity out of data integration efforts with innovative, intuitive, and practical solutions.”

Pricing and Availability
The JDX 4.5 software is available now. Visit the company website ( for pricing details and a free 21-day evaluation download.

About Software Tree
Founded in 1997, Software Tree is a Silicon Valley-based technology leader in providing superior software infrastructure that simplifies data integration. Software Tree has licensed JDX to leading-edge organizations around the world, such as British Telecom, Xerox, CNT, Los Alamos National Labs, UAB Medical Center, Electronic Arts, and Darden Business School. For more information, visit

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