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Date: March 25, 2003

Contact: Damodar Periwal - 408-282-3606 -


Provides Optimal Object/Relational Mapping Software

San Jose, Calif. March 25, 2003: Software Tree today announced JDX 4.0, the versatile Java Object-Relational Mapping (OR-Mapping) software that significantly accelerates the development of Java/J2EE applications by eliminating low-level SQL coding. JDX 4.0 addresses an important enterprise-level need, as the vast majority of data that resides in a relational database format such as Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase or Microsoft SQL Server must be manipulated by the newer object-oriented applications.

Software Tree’s patented technology employs an innovative, non-intrusive programming model that improves programmer productivity tremendously and dramatically reduces the development and maintenance cost of Java/J2EE applications.

“JDX 4.0 addresses and solves the tough data integration problems because the worlds of objects and relational databases are conceptually very different and use different languages, like Java and SQL,” stated Damodar Periwal, Software Tree’s President. “Bridging this gap requires complex, time consuming, and tedious programming effort. In JDX, we have created a comprehensive solution by not only providing the core infrastructure to efficiently exchange business object data, but by also providing complete tooling to simplify the development process.”

The latest version of JDX comes with enhanced JDXStudio, a highly intuitive GUI that simplifies mapping specification, verification, schema generation, and reverse engineering Java classes from existing schema.

There are also a number of specific additions that provide increased flexibility in mapping specification and improved runtime functionality, such as:
  • Virtual attributes
  • Aggregate operations
  • Optimistic locking for concurrency control
  • Join collection classes that define one-to-many or many-to-many relationships
  • Class attributes, either private or with private accessor methods
  • Inbuilt compatibility with MySQL and Borland’s JDataStore databases

“JDX 4.0 accelerated the development of our web-based J2EE applications that provide access and management of student information for the graduate business school,” stated Greg Ball, Director of Darden Information Services at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration and an early JDX 4.0 user. “JDX simplified the rapid evolution of our application design by easily facilitating the mapping and database schema changes. JDX4.0 has met our performance expectations very well..”

The Darden Business School case is interesting because it not only highlights JDX 4.0’s ability to easily handle Java/SQL issues, but also demonstrates its transparency across a number of platforms. Darden currently uses JBoss and Macromedia’s JRun application servers which host JSP and EJB running under Windows 2000 while the database is Microsoft SQL Server 2000. “We don’t anticipate any problem in deploying our JDX-powered solution on other application servers like IBM's WebSphere and BEA's WebLogic,” continued Ball.

Unlike most other solutions that are too heavyweight, intrusive, or hard-to-use, JDX provides a small footprint, clean, and simple OR-Mapping solution. In addition to allowing maximum flexibility in business object modeling and application programming, JDX increases application performance with a highly tuned object-relational mapping engine. The result is that more sophisticated applications can be developed using less resources and still saving time.

Pricing and Availability
The JDX 4.0 software is available now. In consideration of the current economic hardships, a limited-time promotional price of $995 per developer seat (list price $1,495) is offered if the product evaluation starts by April 30, 2003. There is no royalty charge for shipping JDX runtime with your application. Visit the company website ( for pricing details and a free 21 day evaluation download.

About Software Tree
Founded in 1997, Software Tree is a Silicon Valley-based technology leader in providing superior software infrastructure that simplifies data integration. Software Tree has licensed JDX to leading-edge organizations around the world, such as British Telecom, Xerox, CNT, Los Alamos National Labs, UAB Medical Center and Electronic Arts. For more information, visit

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