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CNT Standardizes on JDXTM for JavaTM Object-Relational Mapping Technology

JDX to provide seamless connectivity with SQL databases for Internet/intranet business process integration

San Jose, CA - Oct 26, 2000 - Software Tree, Inc. announced today that the Enterprise Integration Solutions division of CNT (Nasdaq: CMNT) has licensed its JDX technology to provide high-performance, object-oriented access to corporate relational databases. CNT's enterprise application integration (EAI) technology will use JDX as a critical component of a framework providing a powerful and flexible solution for integrating business processes across Internet and intranet.

CNT evaluated several products and chose JDX for the object-relational mapping technology because JDX provided the best-of-breed enterprise-class, scalable and robust functionality to automate one of the most critical and complex needs of modern applications - efficiently exchanging business objects with SQL relational databases.

"We found JDX to be the most innovative and powerful technology not only from the functional and performance point of views but also because how easily it could be integrated within our sophisticated framework," said Ellen Koch, VP of Marketing for the Enterprise Integration Solutions division of CNT. "The well-designed features of this carefully architected product have given us a lot of flexibility with our business object modeling and resulted in dramatic increases in programmer productivity."

"It is very gratifying to have yet another real-world validation of our world-class technology from a leading company like CNT, " said Damodar Periwal, President and CEO of Software Tree. "We believe that representing data as instances of programmable objects is the most optimal and efficient way of developing new breed of distributed applications. Since most of the business data resides in relational backends, object-relational mapping has become a fundamental need for the new generation of applications. JDX meets this need with a high-performance, scalable and easy-to-use solution that cuts down the time-to-market significantly. With JDX, Java developers can concentrate on business logic instead of wasting time on tedious infrastructure programming."

About CNT
CNT (Nasdaq: CMNT), based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a global company providing high-performance Enterprise Application Integration solutions, Storage Area Networking solutions, and world-class support services. The company's EAI suite of products integrates legacy applications with frameworks, packaged applications, or new environments, while also providing mainframe connectivity. For more information, visit CNT's web site at or call 763-268-6000.

About Software Tree:
Privately held Software Tree, based in San Jose, CA, was formed in 1996 with the overriding mission of delivering enabling infrastructure software to simplify and accelerate development of Internet/eCommerce applications. Its flagship product JDX provides a versatile solution for Java object-relational mapping including persistence for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBTM). For more information about Software Tree, its products and a free evaluation download of JDX, visit the company web site at or call 408-557-6769.

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