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The New Version of Programming Accelerator has arrived

Software Tree announces version 3.0 of JDX – its flagship product for Java Object-Relational Mapping

The company also announces a new product and pricing strategy

San Jose, California - Software Tree, Inc. made a range of wide reaching announcements today. "The first thing we want to announce is the availability of JDX version 3.0,"said Damodar Periwal, the President of Software Tree. "The latest version of JDX adds a number of new features that make our patented OR-Mapping product the best possible alternative on the market for intuitive and simplified access to relational data . JDX dramatically accelerates the development of modern object-oriented applications by eliminating the complex task of low-level infrastructure programming in SQL. In recognition of the sweeping changes we are making to our product offerings, we are now calling our core OR-Mapping technology JDXClassic. To round out the product and offer users a range of flexibility, we are also announcing two plug-ins for JDXClassic – JDXStudio and JDXServer," Mr. Periwal added. "The JDXStudio module offers a GUI for designing and configuring the mapping system. The JDXServer module offers a runtime-mapping infrastructure for enterprise class scalability.

In order to reduce the barrier for entry, Software Tree has decided to price JDXClassic at only $1,495 a license. JDXStudio and JDXServer are priced equally aggressively – each at $595 a license. Software Tree is also offering JDXCombo which gives the user all three products for only $2,495.

JDX has been enhanced with a substantial number of major new features including:
  • JDXStudio - a GUI tool for defining/verifying OR-Mapping, forward-engineering database schema and reverse-engineering Java classes
  • Allow inline storage of the attributes of a contained object
  • Support implicit attributes whose values are automatically initialized by JDX based on defined relationships
  • Dynamic data routing for queries
  • Partial object loading
  • Option to filter referenced objects for query, update and delete operations
  • Support for specifying a JNDI data source name to get database connection
  • Configurable logging destination
  • Support for retrieving collection objects in a descending order
  • Comprehensive documentation with many useful working examples

There are literally tens of other modifications added to JDX to make it an indispensable data access component for modern object-oriented applications – be they standalone, JSP/Servlet based or EJB based.

JDXStudio and JDXServer are independent and optional plug-in modules for JDXClassic. This newest version of the software is shipping now with evaluation versions downloadable from

"Ease-of-use, flexibility and high performance have always been our goals in the on-going development of JDX," Mr. Periwal continued. "By paying close attention to the feedback from our customers we have progressively improved JDX's oobject- rrelationalship mmapping logic. We are very pleased to present JDXClassic, JDXServer and JDXStudio as proof of our continued success in this endeavor.”

About JDX
JDX is a leading-edge object-relational mapping technology that helps achieve significant reductions in the overall time, risks and costs associated with Java database programming. The patented technology of JDX employs an elegant non-intrusive programming model that improves programmer productivity tremendously. Written in 100% Java, JDX can easily accelerate development/deployment of multi-tier Java/J2EE/J2ME applications.

About Software Tree
Software Tree is a technology leader in providing superior software infrastructure that shifts application/database integration paradigm. The company has licensed JDX to leading edge corporations around the world including Concert, Xerox, CNT, Los Alamos National Labs, UAB Medical Center and Electronic Arts. The company's web site is